Romance & The Silver Screen (Double CD)
(No Longer Available)
Hello again,
Well, nearly another year has flown by and it’s time for a new CD this time with something a little different.

When it came time to record this album which for once is ahead of schedule i found that i had too many arrangements for just one CD, so for the first time ever you will see a “Bonus CD” has been included.

As anyone who has ever been to one of my shows will tell you i love the music from the “Movies”, also as I’m getting older (Aren’t we all) I am also starting to really enjoy playing “Love Songs”, I know I’m getting all sloppy and romantic well I don’t care so there !!

I’ve even written a love song of my own for this album called “My Heart’s Desire (Is To Be With You)” which is again dedicated to the woman I love even more today than ever & has made so happy for the last 6 years.

I’d also like to say a huge thank you to two very good friends of mine who have always been there for me over the years, especially through the rough times of the last year “John & Ann Jackaman”, I couldn’t wish for better friends who have always treated me like a part of their family.

So I hope you all enjoy this collection of two of my very favorite kinds of music, “Love Songs” and “Movie Music”

Till next time,
Daniel Watt.

CD 1
1 Raiders Of The Lost Ark (From Raiders Of The Lost Ark)
2 On Days Like These
(From The Italian Job)
3 My One & Only Love

4 Somewhere My Love (Dr Zhivago) If I Only Had Time
5 Mamma Mia Selection
(Mamma Mia)
Mamma Mia - The Name Of The Game - One Of Us - Mamma Mia
6 I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love
7 Ice Castles
(From Ice Castles)
8 Midway March
(From Battle Of Midway)
9 Anyone Who Had A Heart
10 Home

Bonus CD
1 Somewhere In Time
(From Somewhere In Time)
2 Trumpet Tune & Air
(From A Royal Wedding)
3 The Wind Beneath My Wings
(From Beaches)
4 Pirates Of The Caribbean
(From The Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy)
5 Love Story
(From Love Story)
6 Happy Together
7 My Heart’s Desire (Is To Be With You)
8 The Winner Takes It All
(From Mamma Mia)