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A Tribute To The Sound Of James Last
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As artiste secretary for “Wessex Organ World” in Bournemouth, I meet some very talented and gifted musicians.
Daniel Watt has over the last few years become a personal friend to my family and I. We very often speak by telephone and drop in for a cuppa if we are passing by his house.
Daniel and his dad Derek and all of my family enjoy the music of the German band leader James Last.
During one of our many conversations on the telephone, Derek suggested a tribute album to the music of James Last. I thought that this was a wonderful idea, however Daniel was not so impressed.
Months went by and many phone calls later, with Daniel each time getting an ear bashing in Stereo from his dad and myself about recording this tribute album.
Until Christmas 2003 when we called in to see Daniel for a mince pie, when we also got a preview of the James Last album, which Daniel had just started to record.
Now sit back and listen to this wonderful recording in Tribute to James Last (The Gentleman Of Music). Thought of by Derek, nagged for by myself, arranged and played by the Organ Worlds Gentleman Of Music, the very talented Daniel Watt.

Trevor Shore M.B.E. (Artiste Secretary for Wessex Organ World)


1 Fanfare For A Common Man
2 Elvira Madigan
3 Besame Mucho

4 Ireland
5 The Lonely Bull
6 Life At The Vienna Prater
7 Music From Across The Way
8 Granada / Lady Of Spain
9 Elizabethan Serenade

10 Happy Heart
11 Morgems Um Sieben
12 Vienna Is Vienna
13 That’s What Friends Are For
14 Games That Lovers Play