California Dreaming
(No Longer Available)
California Cover

As Many of you will already know over the last 4 years I have been very lucky to be asked to appear in concert in the USA and I’ve now appeared at “Bill Horn’s Dutchland Show” in Pennsylvannia 3 times as well as appearing in Florida & California.
Whilst I was recording this CD I suddenly noticed that a lot of the artists that originally recorded these particular tracks where from the USA, so just in case you where thinking I was clever coming up with a “Concept Album”+_ _ _it was a bit of an unplanned mistake but then some of the best ideas start out as mistakes. None of the arrangements are like the originals though some are similar this is just my little tribute to some great artists, some of who are no longer with us.

Most of the tracks are in the concert program that i am currently touring with and where arranged for Bill’s show last year, but one or two have been especially recorded in the studio for this CD.

I hope you enjoy listening to this music as much as I have enjoyed recording them.
Till Next Time

Daniel Watt


1 A Taste Of Honey (Herp Albert)
2 Nature Boy
(Nat King Cole)
3 Unforgettable
(Nat King Cole)
4 California Dreaming
(The Mammas & The Pappas)
5 The Shadow Of Your Smile
(Frank Sinatra)
6 Sing Sing Sing
(Benny Goodman)
7 You Raise Me Up
(Josh Groban)
8 If You Go To San Francisco
(Scott Mackenzie)
9 Charmaine
(Harry James)
10 You Make Me Feel So Young
(Frank Sinatra)
11 Laura
(John Williams & The Boston Pops Orchestra)
12 Superstar
(The Carpenters)
13 The Rhythm Of Life
(Sammi Davis Jnr)