Getting To Know Your Korg PA3X
Songbook Explained
DW Songbook Explained

The whole purpose of this DVD is to explain in detail mysterious button called “Songbook” that has a lot of Korg customers very confused, actually its not mysterious at all and is one of the most powerful features of the keyboard.
In the past year of running teaching sessions for “Korg School” at keyboard festivals all over the country for Korg, and visiting customers houses on a “One to One” basis by far the function of the keyboard that seems to cause the most confusion is “Songbook”.
So sit back switch on your DVD player and follow along on your keyboard as I take you through step by step how to create a “Song” from scratch and then how to write this to the “Songbook”.
Along the way I will also show you how to use the “Performance Select” buttons to create “Songs” quicker & easier, as well as how to edit any sound without the need for complicated editing.
Till Next Time,
Daniel Watt


1 Welcome
2 Introduction
3 Songbook
4 Book Edit 1 (Part 1)
5 Book Edit 1 (Part 2)
6 Performance Select Buttons & How To Use Them With Songbook
7 Saving A Performance Into The Songbook
8 Alterations To The Style
9 Editing A Sound Quickly
10 Book Edit 2
11 Book Edit 3
12 List Edit
13 Custom List
14 Search Button
15 Conclusion
16 My Way Recording