Daniel Watt

International Musician G.N.A.S / F.I.T.A. / A.G.B. / R.Y.A

OAS EX 1 Controller
    This is the first piece of hardware that Daniel has ever created.Daniel has been performing with the Wersi OAS EX1 Expander for over 2 years now in concert & dancing venues all over the world.
    Recently he came to realise that he needed more control over the EX1 from the Spectra than the one function he had.
    As standard the only way to control the EX1 without touching the panel of the EX1 from any organ is by telling your existing instruments foot switch to send “Sustain” which you can then program the EX1 to change to any function that it can do from a foot switch.
    Realising that this was limiting he set about designing a way to operate the
2 foot switch functions of the EX1 from the organs panels.
    This is the final idea which is available in a range of different kits to fit which ever instrument you have.

Standard Kit

Internal Kit
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