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Signature Collection Software 'James Last'

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This is the first in a 'Brand New' range of software for the Yamaha Genos.

I have been asked ever since I started playing Yamaha instruments if I was going to produce any Registration Memory software for Yamaha instruments and the answer until now has always been “Not yet but it is something that I want to do”.

So I decided to finally sit down and try to create some Registration Memories dedicated to one of my favourite artists ‘James Last’. This is the first in the 'Signature Software' series and contains 8 Banks of Registrations specific to some of James Last’s best known melodies.

The USB memory stick will also contain recordings of all of the songs using these registration memories for you to listen to and enjoy.

Registration Banks

Happy Heart
The Lonely Shepherd
Mornings At Seven
Vienna Is Vienna
The Lonely Bull
Music From Across The Way
The More I See You
What Now My Love
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