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New Concert Organ
Last November when I flew back in to the country from the USA from one of my regular trips, I was picked up at the airport and taken to my car which was already loaded with my trusty Wersi Spectra & Wersi EX1 Expander. the reason for this being that i was playing “Hornchurch Organ Club” the next night and rather than going home I was staying with some friends in Basildon then on to Hornchurch the very next night.
At least this was the plan, so I got to the venue at Hornchurch unloaded and set the organ up on the stage switched on and absolutely nothing happened, and I mean nothing !
My first thought was it was just a blown fuse or the power lead to the organ had failed, so checked all the leads that where fine so opened the organ up stuck my head in and tried to fix the problem. After pushing some boards in and checking for loose cables the organ started up, now to explain the next part of the story you need to know a little bit about how the Spectra works, it’s actually 2 organs in one, the “Basic Organ” or original organ & the “Golden Gate” which was added about 5 years later and controls all the rhythms half the sounds and all of the MIDI. Now by this time all though the “Basic” organ was working none of the “Golden Gate” was working at all and it had frozen on it’s welcome screen, which meant that as well as loosing half of the organs sounds I also couldn’t use the “EX1” which is totally controlled via MIDI.
At this point Ray Soper the club secretary walked in and said “Hello and was everything alright ?” when I explained the situation that the organ wasn’t working at the moment by now I was really starting to panic, thankfully he had just bought a “Yamaha Tyros 4” keyboard which he was going to play at the start of the show as a welcome player, to which I responded “Can I borrow the keyboard ?” to which he said yes, at this point I must say thanks so much Ray for loaning me his brand new keyboard and really getting me out of a hole. So I put it at the side of the organ ripped the “Golden Gate” cables from the organ so that I could get a very basic String sound on the lower manual (The issue had also taken out all of the organs Drawbars) and used the “Tyros” as a master keyboard to control the “Wersi EX1 expander” so my top manual was now at the side of the organ on the right side and played the whole concert like that. To this day if you asked me what I played that night I couldn’t tell you, I just remember playing whatever came to mind.
New Direction
So after getting home the following day it was repair time, now luckily i did have 2 Spectra’s which meant whilst trying to repair the “White Organ” which was my concert organ I could take my older Spectra which some of you may remember was a dark Burgundy colour which meant that at least I could get through the rest of the concerts that year while trying to repair the organ.
Eventually after a few days of looking I managed to track it down to the only component that I didn’t have in stock and still to this day cannot get hold of anymore. Also around this time i managed to pull my back again moving the organ that made 4 times that year, which was another reason for me to rethink my Concert organ.
Now when you haven’t looked at a new organ in 25 years it’s actually quite a daunting task and a little scary, due to my health considerations about my back and the fact that most venues didn’t like the fact that it took me 50 minutes at the end of a concert to pack up and leave, I decided that it was best to go to a “Multiple Keyboard System” which a lot of players are now playing, however I didn’t want to go the normal setup of “Yamaha Tyros 4” and pedal boards. So I decided as my new CD is called on a “New Direction” and bought this.
_MG_0874The New Organ yes I still call it an organ, consists of the Brand New “Korg PA3X Pro Keyboard” as my Upper Manual “Korg PA2X Pro Keyboard” as my Lower manual still with the “Wersi EX 1 Expander” working on both keyboards just like an organ, and below is a “Hammond 25 Note pedal board” so it’s an organ.

The keyboards currently sit on a Custom built stand that Brian Reeve of “Musicland” has made for me to my own measurements based on there award winning “TRX Organ System” which will i have been using in all my shows since the end of May.


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